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Dreams Never Die

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Dreams Never Die

This is my artist statement from my current show, "Dreams Never Die."

All children dream about who they want to be when they grow up. I was no different. As is common in life, “dream killers” came along to crush my reality. One day when I was asked about my personal life dreams, I drew an absolute blank. My inner little girl dreams were so dead, that I had no reply.

My husband remembered overhearing me describe my love for New Mexico and how I had wanted to live there and make my living with my art. “Dreams Never Die” is a personal affirmation to encourage others whose trampled dreams are waiting to be reborn.

In the words of Oswald Chambers, “Every hope or dream of the human mind will be fulfilled if it is noble and of God. But one of the greatest stresses in life is the stress of waiting for God.”

For 43 years, I did make my living with my art as I applied a sculptural approach to hair design. My participation in our local art community was limited so the walls of my beauty salon became an art gallery. Retiring from cosmetology enabled me to rekindle the embers of a smoldering dream to pursue art. More than a hobby or merely something that I do, Now I realize that my art is more about who I am.

It is God Who created me to revere and recognize His Beauty in people and in the world around me. My passion has always been for revealing beauty in any form. I don’t create something new, but instead, unveil what is already there, hiding.

I believe everything exists in the mind of God. We creative people use our imaginations to unveil impressions we “see, hear, and sense” when we express those impulses in written words, art forms, film, music, song or dance. Not only is it God Who deposits those things that beg to be expressed, but He beckons us to express them!

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul said, “Stir up the gift that is in you.” And so, alas, we must do the work. What you see in this exhibit is the result of a daily studio practice. Some of that practice is at my computer as I continue to manipulate my photography in Photoshop. I’ve continued with mixed-media collage using coffee filters and dyed fabrics simply because I love working with them. Rather than printing my images on inkjet transparencies, the central focus of the mixed-media presentation is acrylic on board. This is my first public viewing of my abstract paintings.

“Living a life of faith, consistently, without fainting, means never knowing where you are being led, but knowing and loving the One who is leading.” (Oswald Chambers)

Thank you for coming along the journey with me.
Kate Browning Word