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A Rose for Diana

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A Rose for Diana

Here's another beauty from my nostalgia series of vignettes staged on my kitchen counter. I spent many Sunday afternoons capturing images of family memorabilia. I frequently added roses from my neighbor's yard to spruce up these still-life compositions. Other friends contributed cuttings occasionally after learning about my photography sets.

One friend named Diana loves purple and the search was on. She once gave me a soft lilac-colored rose from her garden, but alas, I was never able to capture its true color. These were the days before my Photoshop experience. The image above is as near a likeness as I can remember and is coupled with my mother's blue and white sugar bowl and creamer. I think she would be thrilled to see her collection married to my mother-in-law's blue & white dishes that we use every day.

This is another reason I love to document everyday life with photography. We can capture little snippets of today (yesterday) that transcend time, place, relationships and events to bring a light-hearted perspective for tomorrow.

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